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Writing a strong job description is important if you want to attract the best candidates from the beginning. This saves you both time and money interviewing individuals who are unqualified for the position or don’t understand the specifics of the job. As a hiring manager it is better to take the time to put together an organized description to make sure the job posting is clear and contains all necessary information. The following business manager job description sample is a good example of what one should look like.

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Business Manager Job Summary

You will use leadership skills to provide direction to employees through operations knowledge, coaching, and business directives. Using attention to detail and impeccable work ethic, you will work with the business development team and report to senior managers.

Business Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Forecasts a financial plan for the company and uses resources to meet these requirements through client recruiting and raising funds
  • Cultivates the organization through commerce directive and advertising strategy
  • Supervises and oversees company’s employees and activities
  • Reports to senior managers and executives about condition of the company through periodical and annual reviews
  • Reviews long-standing productivity of the company
  • Accomplishes company goals by exploring opportunities to add value and taking charge of new requests
  • Renews job knowledge by reading professional journals, participating in education opportunities, and belonging to professional organizations

Business Manager Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor degree in business management
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Minimum three years of managerial experience
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to organize processes and people
  • Detail-oriented
  • Analytical skills
  • Knowledge of marketing and sales principles
  • Ability to manage conflict between employees and business partners

Company Profile

Anderson Office Supply opened in 1998 and was run by two brothers who provided office supplies to local small businesses. Over time the business grew and now has 25 employees who help fill orders for businesses and deliver products all over the country. Although the company has grown, it still maintains its small business environment where loyalty to both the customer and employees is a top priority.

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What to Include in Your Business Manager Job Description

One of the struggles that some hiring managers or business owners have is figuring out what exactly to include in a business manager job description. Two main points are that you want it to convey the right information and also portray the company environment so that applicants feel engaged and inspired. If you are unfamiliar with the specifics of the role, talk with someone who already works in the position, or at least with someone in its nearest equivalent, and ask them to describe what they do on an average day. The following are some important factors to include in the description.

• Job Title and Summary of Position- If you don’t already have a title for the position, develop one that reflects your organization’s culture. Then compose a brief purpose of the job and an overview of the main responsibilities. This section should only be two to four sentences long.
• Job Responsibilities- Make a list of the essential tasks that will be performed on a regular basis. Use action verbs in the present tense and be clear about how frequently each task will be performed. In general you should list five to 10 responsibilities to help outline a typical day.
• Qualifications and Skills- List both mandatory and preferred qualifications that are required. These include minimum education level, years of work experience, specific skills, certifications, and technical expertise.
• Company Profile- Discuss a little bit about the company so that potential candidates have a good idea of the type of organization they would be working for. You can include details about the number of employees, headquarters location, and annual sales. You should also talk about the vision and mission of the company.
• Type of Employment- State whether it is a part-time or full-time position. Also be clear about any travel that will be required and specifics about the position, such as how many people and departments would be managed.

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Writing Your Business Manager Job Description: Best Practices

What you include in your job listing can make the difference between hiring a high quality, long term employee and a revolving door of applicants. When writing your business manager job description, make sure to follow these guidelines to make sure it includes the right information and attracts the right job candidate.

• Make sure to include the location of the position. If the job includes business travel, make sure to say where he or she will be traveling.
• Including salary information will depend on your company’s policy. You may not be able to publicize salary and benefit information, or you may choose to wait to discuss that detail until the interview.
• Make sure the responsibilities are clear so that the applicant knows what to expect. Using bullet points when listing job duties help make it easier to read.
• Make sure the submission guidelines are clear. Let the applicant know the preferred method of delivery, whether it is via mail, email, or your own online form. Include the addresses and clear directions.
• Use keywords when listing the description and title. This will help bring your posting up when applicants are doing a search through the internet. Use three to five keywords that potential candidates may use when searching for a business manager position.
• When listing the job descriptions, list them in a way that motivates the applicant and gives them a good idea of the general company environment.

Writing a Job Description: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Although the above business manager job description sample gives you a good idea of how to write a good job posting, you may not always have an outline to help guide you. For those times, the following will help lay out some guidelines that will help you write a strong job description from the beginning so that you attract the right candidates.
    • Do list the job responsibilities and company profile in a way that shows your values and makes potential candidates want to work for you.
    • Don’t hide your company’s personality. For example, if you are a company that believes in a ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy, don’t be afraid to express that in the job description.
    • Do use direct language. Stay away from words such as “often” or “sometimes” when describing responsibilities and tasks and give a clear idea of what is expected.
    • Do highlight the essential skills. When listing qualifications and skills, list the required and most desired qualities first and end with the ones that are preferred.
    • Don’t make it too long. You want it long enough to cover everything that is essential but you also want it concise enough that it holds the attention of the reader. It should not exceed 700 words.
    • Do use bullet points whenever you can. This helps the applicant skim the job description and find the information that is important to him or her. The responsibilities and skills sections should always use bullets, and they should also be used in any other section in which the format can be improved.
    • Don’t include information about salary and benefits unless your company allows this information to be publicized. You may also choose to wait and present that information during the interview process.

      Follow these tips when looking to attract and hire the perfect employee for your job opening. It may take a little bit of time to write the perfect job description, but it is worth the investment to find the right talent the first time around and help your company continue to be successful.

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