Sales Operations Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities | (2023)

Sales Operations Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities | (1)

Sales Operations Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Are you searching for information about the sales operations analyst job description? If you are, then you have landed on the right page.

This post presents the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up the sales operations analyst work description in most organizations.

This article is also for you if you are seeking the job of a sales operations analyst with a company and want to know the major requirements commonly demanded by recruiters to qualify applicants for the position.

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What Does a Sales Operations Analyst Do?

The sales operations analyst is responsible for managing a set of business activities and processes, including managing sales data and analytics, tracking asset under management flows, assisting in commission management, and aligning opportunity sales strategy, and evaluating the general health of the sales process, to help a sales organization run effectively and efficiently.

They work with consulting, technology solutions, retail, manufacturing companies, telecommunication firms, etc.

The sales operations analyst job description entails analyzing and evaluating operational performance metrics and resources, as well as plotting metrics against the Company’s operational plans and Tactical/strategic goals to ensure alignment and focus.

It also involves developing and maintaining standard reporting measures (e.g. sales report) to facilitate reporting and analysis that will aid in the evaluation of operational initiatives and drive operational efficiency.
Sales operations analysts carry out quantitative analysis and explanation of relevant data and ongoing analysis of alternatives and solutions.

They are also responsible for recommending action plans based on the quantitative analysis and assessment of all sales operational reporting with the goal of improving customer experience and operational efficiency.

They also perform analyses of inventory, rate, and sales practices to develop sales product efficiency.

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They also appraise sell-out levels and make proactive suggestion to maximize revenue from available inventory, while also serving clients’ needs.

Sales operations analyst work description also involves utilizing inventory skims to work with and advise the manager on weekly rate cards.

It also entails working together with Sales and Traffic/Operations Management or other appropriate units to develop, evaluate, and propose technical and systematic procedures that make process flow more efficient for the organization as a whole.

Sales operations analysts are also responsible for the coordination of information flow and communication between sales, sales support, and traffic departments.

Their job description also requires them to provide leadership/mentorship for sales support representatives to help facilitate the completion of accurate work.

They provide supervision for general sales support processes and offer guidance where necessary.

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Sales Operations Analyst Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The sales operations analyst performs various functions, primarily to improve sales operation processes and efficiency of the sales department.

They undertake quantitative analysis of the firm’s sales practices, inventory, operational reports, etc. with the objective of achieving sales tactical or long term goals.

The major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that majorly define the sales operations analyst job description are listed below:

  • Report and provide insight to support the decision-making and strategic planning of the sales and marketing management team
  • Report and analyze revenues and revenue-related metrics to assist management in making sound decisions
  • Serve as key contact person for supervisors and senior management regarding sales and retention performance
  • Analyze data and provide important visualization and dashboards that clearly communicates complex data in a simple form to non-technical audience
  • Conduct sales training and mentor new and existing product support analysts on all sales-related procedures, and also consult with external experts when appropriate
  • Create a simple and easy-to-follow sales process
  • Collaborate with the IT unit to manage and ensure an effective CRM system that adds value
  • Responsible for accurate processing of commissions
  • Oversee reporting and administration
  • Serve as subject matter expert and proffer professional advice on territory sizing and alignment
  • Work together with sales team and leadership to implement sales plans
  • Provide marketing operations support such as email distributions, collateral, and promotional inventory management
  • Supervise client quarterly deliverables content
  • Responsible for completing cyclical and quarterly due diligence reports.

Sales Operations Analyst Job Description for Resume

If you are seeking a new job and are writing a resume for it, you can apply the sample sales operations analyst job description above if you have worked are presently working in that role, to make the job experience section of your resume.

By using the sales operations analyst duties and responsibilities above in emphasizing your job experience, you will be able to convince the recruiter that you will succeed on the job.

Sales Operations Analyst Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

When hiring for the sales operations analyst role, the recruiter’s goal is to find candidates who can effectively perform the purpose, obligations, and objectives of the position.

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To achieve this goal, they have to present a list of requirements that interested persons for the sales operations analyst job must meet to be considered for it.

Shown below are major requirements job seekers interested in the sales operations analyst position are commonly expected to meet to qualify to access it with most recruiters:

  • Education: Applicants for the sales operations analyst role are usually required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or Computer Science, or in a related field. An MBA or advanced degree is preferred.
  • Knowledge: It is important that they have experience with sales strategy execution, data analysis, and sales analytics; KPI’s reporting and operations management. In addition to education, they are required to have a minimum of 5+ years of professional work experience. It is also vital that they have experience gathering business requirements and developing scorecards and dashboards to surface meaningful KPIs and actionable intelligence to senior leaders
  • They must also possess in-depth working and administrative experience with Salesforce or other CRM system. They also require an understanding of SQL to retrieve queries
  • Computer skills: To perform the duties of a sales operations analyst effectively, applicants must have advanced Excel knowledge working with large data-sets (utilize complex formulas and can manipulate and transform data). They must also have experience using Tableau, AWS QuickSight, or similar visualization software
  • Communication skills: it is vital that they can communicate effectively both in group settings and on one-one basis. They must be able to convey results to senior business leaders; present complex results in a clear, concise, and enticing manner that stimulate action; and also have excellent writing skills for writing reports
  • Organizational skills: Sales operations analysts are expected to handle multiple tasks and deal with several stakeholders, therefore, it is important that applicants are highly organized and detail oriented, possessing multi-tasking skills and efficiency in managing uncertain situations
  • Statistical skills: The sales operations analyst job also involves applying data analysis to solve real life business problems; therefore, it is important that applicants for the role have experience with statistical tools like R or SAS, as well as solid knowledge of programming languages such as Python
  • Problem solving skills: Applicants must be creative individuals with ability to develop new ideas and creative solutions, as well as demonstrate skill and passion for problem solving and operational excellence
  • Self-starter: They must be motivated self-starter who can focus on achieving a set goal with limited supervision.


If you are a recruiter or HR manager hiring for a sales operations analyst position, you will need to inform prospective candidates of the duties they will be expected to perform if hired by writing and posting a description of the job.

To make a detailed and effective description of the sales operations analyst position available in your organization, you can apply the sample job description provided in this post and be sure to attract the best qualified candidates for the role.

This post will also be helpful to you if you are interested in the sales operations analyst career and want to learn about the duties and responsibilities that make up the role.

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Did this article increase your knowledge of what sales operations analysts do? Please, leave a comment in the box below. You may also discuss your job description if you work as a sales operations analyst.


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